Our mission is dedicated to empowering people with Disabilities and work towards their Rehabilitation and building a more equitable and sustainable society

WE THE PEOPLE INDIA is a first web channel www.wethepeopleindia.com dedicated to Disability & Rehabilitation in India. We reach the unreached, connect with the disconnected and disseminate key information to the all the stakeholders. The organization strives to fight issues related to Disability & Rehabilitation of the underprivileged while devoted to the cause of people with special needs and is further dedicated to promote psycho-social-inclusion. Since 2014, the organization has worked towards generating awareness in the society. WE THE PEOPLE INDIA is continuously leveraging technology to cater & reach out to persons with differently abled & underprivileged.
We not only use the latest technology but also attempt to sensitize our readers and others to the latest technologies through workshops and training programme. Our aim is for the betterment of the persons with differently abled, by providing them with interesting/informative films and documentaries by using various modern technologies. We also include various stakeholders as well (include parents, siblings, rehab professionals, special educators, special education teacher educators, and other experts) from different field for the discussion and programs on various disabilities.

Core Expertise

WE THE PEOPLE INDIA specialize in offering the non-profit services in developing specialized curriculum based awareness through Films/ training videos/public service advertisements on disability and rehabilitation issues & event video filming.
We work for Disability Awareness and Rehabilitation services for Children, Adolescents and Adults with Special Needs, an exclusive web-channel which is geared to design and develop special films and other documentaries related to training, corporate issues, promotional issues, best-practices, public awareness as well as -service present and possible related to persons with disability and other stake holders. Our web-channel will also attempt to provide the latest information with reference to disability issues

We Serve Individuals to transform their lives

We serve hundreds of individuals with disabilities through a multidisciplinary network of service providers through our highly impactful projects in order to reach as many people with disabilities as cost effectively as possible, we target our services and publications to libraries, disability organizations, independent living centers, rehabilitation facilities, educational institutions, health and social service provide We also circulate the course curriculum for enhancing education for persons with Special Needs. Our web channel is known for disability news and updates, upcoming events in the field of disability, films & documentaries on Special Education & rehabilitation. We also welcome views suggestion and information’s on our blog as well.

Our Journey So Far

Since inception, we have been working on different projects like Punarvas, Mahir, and e-journal. In these projects we are working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged. Each project has a different motive, like:

MAHIR,Mahir— we’re an offshoot of “We the People India” various NGOs we work for helping the differently-abled to find a market for the products they create. The proceeds from the sale of these products are utilized for the economic elevation of the differently-abled and other marginalized sections of the society. Our team comprises of enthusiastic, innovative and compassionate professionals who want to do their bit to uplift the differently-abled socially and economically and thus, help them create and maintain a space for themselves in this dynamic world. These volunteers have extensive experience in the field of special education and working with the differently-abled, and they work closely with other NGOs to procure, market and sell different products made by the specially-abled.

PUNARVAS -a vocational & rehabilitation services provided for the special children “PUNARVAS" is a vocational and rehabilitation center is to improve and provide high quality of life to children and persons with varied disabilities like – physical, intellectual, visual, emotional, speech and hearing and multiple disabilities through rehabilitation services. Vocational education and training offered will be need-based, as per the persons with disabilities mental, chronological age, abilities, knowledge and other requirements. This training will be imparted by rehabilitation professionals and parents, etc. These opportunities if given allow them to make a fruitful contribution towards self-reliance, stability and independence.

INTERNATIONAL E-JOURNAL-Keeping in mind the importance of research, we also have introduced an E-Journal, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL On DISABILITY, and REHBALITATION& SPECIAL EDUCTION. This is a peer reviewed Journal with a ISSN number. We look forward to well research articles from authors.

BLOG ARTICLES -- Articles on Special Education will we welcomed on our as BLOG ARTICLES. We visualize the Blog Articles to be an interactive Online Discussion forum for parents and Rehabilitation Professionals as well as persons with disabilities and all others.


We are committed to ensuring a high level of transparency. This in turn lends credibility to the projects we undertake. Our Governance Philosophy is based on a set of laws, rules and regulations and good practices. Our core Philosophy is based on 3A’s that can help person with disabilities to live, learn, work and play independently and respectfully as well .i.e.

  • Awareness
  • Availability and
  • Accessibility of information.